Welcome message

We are very pleased to announce that the 9th EMT International Association meeting (TEMTIA-IX) will be held on November 11-14, 2019, in the ancient city of Kumamoto in the southwestern island of Kyushu, Japan.

About EMT: As a rapidly growing research field, with the number of publications more than quintupled in the last decade, EMT (Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition) and MET (its reverse) describe how multicellular tissues and organs arrange their cells to perform essential biological functions. EMT/MET are normal phenomena during embryonic development when cells need to go through extremely dynamic, yet orderly, processes of intracellular and intercellular morphogenesis. Errors in EMT/MET lead to birth defects of the cardiovascular, craniofacial, nervous and urogenital systems. EMT/METs are reactivated in normal wound healing and their abnormalities underlie pathological fibrosis. More importantly, EMT/METs are tightly linked to disease processes that allow cancer cells to leave their original niches and metastasize, the cause of most cancer deaths. EMT/MET cycle is also associated with regulation of cellular pluripotency and multipotency.

About TEMTIA: Representing cancer, developmental and cell biologists with shared interest in applying the EMT concept in their respective research and in understanding molecular regulation of EMT, TEMTIA (the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition International Association) holds a scientific meeting every two years by bringing together a diverse group of researchers to present and discuss about their most recent findings. Its inaugural meeting was held in Port Douglas, Australia in 2003, and subsequent TEMTIA meetings took place in Vancouver (2005), Krakow (2007), Tucson (2009), Singapore (2011), Alicante (2013), Melbourne (2015) and Houston (2017). Recognizing the important contributions made in this field by scientists working in Japanese research institutions, TEMTIA will hold its 2019 meeting (TEMTIA-IX; also known as TEMTIA 9 or TEMTIA 2019) in Japan.

About TEMTIA-IX: With the help from TEMTIA, Kumamoto University and many overseas and domestic research promotion and publishing organizations, the TEMTIA-IX organizing committee is happy to present an impressive line-up of speakers working at the forefront of various EMT sub-fields, representing the best of multidisciplinary and international spirit of the EMT research. It is our belief that future of the EMT community lies in attracting and integrating the best young scientists with diverse research interest and unconventional training background. TEMTIA-IX is proud to serve as the platform where such integration can be facilitated. By bringing together the old tradition and the new minds, we embrace rejuvenation of a research field which has increasingly been recognized as one of the most important frameworks to conquer cancer.

It is fitting that such an important event will take place in Kumamoto, a city with rich cultural traditions, spectacular nature, and a defiant spirit for rebirth after being hit by a series of devastating earthquakes three years ago. We look forward to welcoming you in Kumamoto in November.

Guojun Sheng, PhD

On behalf of the TEMTIA-IX organizing committee members:

Hideo Baba
(Kumamoto University)
Masao Saitoh
(Yamanashi University)
Hideyuki Saya
(Keio University)
Guojun Sheng
(Kumamoto University)
Yoshiko Takahashi
(Kyoto University)